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"Golf meets Mind" and "Yoga meets Golf" are practice-oriented guide for golf players at any level of performance who wish to improve their handicap. The perfect complement to any kind of technical training.


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  In Amazon.de (Germany) there are 589 hits under guidebooks on golf, even more in Amazon.com – one might think that the subject dealing with that little white ball has been thoroughly gone into in all its variations. This is, however, not the case. This all-in-one golf book which incorporates the subjects mental training, golf fitness with yoga, nutrition on the course and the golf first-aid kit with a difference is the first of it kind.

And just this book, I would have loved to have had at the beginning of my golf career. It would have made my five-year plan to a single handicap even more efficient and would have helped me avoid so many beginner’s mistakes. This is why I decided to fill a niche in the market and to supply concrete answers and solutions for other golf lovers to the problems that are part and parcel of the game.

The two books "Yoga meets Golf" and "Golf meets Mind" are freshly re-edited and contain numerous photographs. They are written in a lively style and reflect my great passion for golf. At the same time, in brief and humorous anecdotes, I describe the ups and downs of my five-year plan to attain a single handicap.

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Cordially yours, Dorothee Haering

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