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Golf-book Author
Free-lance Journalist
Marketing & Graphic

  Dorothee Haering

1980-82 Bavarian State Academy of Photography


1989-94 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich


1999 bildhaft.de – Agency for marketing and graphic design


2006 bildhaft.com – Agency Photography


Dorothee Haering

Admittedly, this is a somewhat unusual curriculum vitae. First of all I studied photography and painting. This was followed by years of intensive free-lance artistic work. I then entered the world of graphic design, communication and marketing as the manager-proprietor and art director of the bildhaft Agency. As I am dyslexic, I left the writing to the pros, although I have always been fascinated by the written word. Mark Twain once said, "Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words." And so I learned to cross out the wrong words and to present the subject of golf in all its myriad facets.

My Golf-Career
Golf has accompanied me from my cradle, and most of my family has the bug too. My grandfather practiced enthusiastically on a chipping green in his garden, and my father, a successful team player, regularly took me with him on the golf course when I was a child. At the weekends I was a proud caddy and accompanied “my players” throughout the tournaments and also briefly took part in junior training. Ever since I saw Jack Niklaus play golf 1972 in Munich I knew: I wanted to become a professional tour player.

Later, life had other plans for me and there followed an involuntary golf-intermission lasting thirty-eight years until the golf addiction broke out again with a vengeance. My goal for myr (second) golf career: I wanted to "Break 80".

In my book project "Move your Game", I gathered together the information that I would have liked to have possessed at the beginning of my own golf career. It would have made following my plan to a single handicap more efficient.

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Dorothee Haering
1970 as a caddy
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