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   Justin Walsh
Justin Walsh

Justin Walsh is not only a Professional Golf Association and NLP trainer; he is also trained in sport hypnosis and energy psychology. He is a Trained Brain Coach at the Logical Golf Academy near Munich, Germany. His training method is an optimum combination of technical and mental golf training coupled with British humor.

  Mental Round Analysis Score-Card to download

Golf meets Mind – Mastering the Mental Game

  Written in collaboration with the PGA and mental trainer Justin Walsh, this book is a treasure trove for golfers of all levels of performance. In "Golf Meets Mind," you will learn many interesting facts and applicable in a very practical step-by-step instructions for the game in mind. A mental mixture of cognitive psychology, sport psychology, relaxation techniques, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and perceptual psychology.
  • Setting Goals, Achieving Goals: The Sat-Nav for Success
  • Mental check (PDF-File to downlaod)
  • The Champion’s Spirit: Mindfulness & Concentration
  • Breathing: Anti-Stress Program & Power for Your Swing
  • Visualizing: Playing Golf in Your Head
  • From World Training Champ to Master Golfer
  • Become an Old-Hand: Pre-Shot- & Post-Shot-Routine
  • Mental Reset: Don’t Get Uptight!
  • The In-Between Time: Time out
  • Job Description: Golf Analyst
  • 3 Mental Score Cards (PDF) to download on the Internet
  • Eating & Drinking: Handicap or Source of Energy?
With a fresh new perspective and with numerous photographs, this book reflects Dorothee Haering's great passion for golf in humorous and self-deprecating anecdotes and also her serious search for pithy answers and approaches to solutions for the mental game. A book for golfers by a golfer.
Move your Game!

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