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Golf meets Mind   Yoga meets Golf  
  Mix of traditional and modern techniques training principles. Specifically to the needs of golfers. Even for non-yogis perfectly suitable.

Yoga meets Golf

  "No thank you!" That would have been the smiling denial of Dorothee Haering two years ago. "Me and yoga; sitting on the floor twisting my limbs into knots?" Unimaginable! But things tend to take their own way. Her physiotherapist sent her to yoga and she discovered all the benefits for her game.

Yoga has advantages for all the qualities that are essential for a successful round of golf: flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and the ability to alternate between states of tension and relaxation. In addition to the fitness and anti-stress benefits for your game, yoga, with its element of meditation, offers you perfect energy management for synchronizing body and mind. Therefore it comes as no surprise that many of the best golfers in the world practice yoga.

A yoga book written by a golfer is, of course, not your standard yoga guide with mainly traditional asanas; the physical postures handed down through generations of yogis. "Yoga meets golf" is rather a mixture of traditional techniques and modern training principles specially tailored to golfers' needs and therefore also eminently suitable for "non-yogis".
  • Set-up & Balance
  • Arms & Hands
  • Footwork & Strain
  • Rotation & Back
  • Playing in the Flow and mental Strength
  • Background knowledge Golf & Health
  • Warm Up for the driving range, Golfers I & II
Roll out your mat! Your age is of no consequence. If you can play golf then you can practice yoga, irrespective of your individual constitution and physical condition. All you need is motivation and perseverance in order to discover yoga as a new source of energy for your golf game.
Move your game!

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